• Physio Logic 'ProScan' Non Contact Multi-Use Thermometer
  • Physio Logic 'ProScan' Non Contact Multi-Use Thermometer

Physio Logic 'ProScan' Non Contact Multi-Use Thermometer

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3 in 1 Thermometer: Body, Room, Liquids and surfaces

Non-contact infrared probe

Professional Accuracy
Faster and more precise than an ear thermometer*

  • Non-Contact up to 1- 2” (3 cm – 5 cm) distance from forehead. This means a greatly reduced risk of contagion, without the need for probe covers.
  • Backlit screen with colour-coded fever alert: green for normal, orange for a low fever and red for a fever of or above 38°C (100.4°F).
  • Fully programmable alerts can be set to detect fever for a specific age group or illness.
  • Use it to ensure that food temperature is safe before serving.
  • Prevent scalding due to hot bath water.
  • Audio alert signals peak temperature and fever.
  • Voice feature can assist users with impaired vision and can be set to English, French, Spanish or mute.
  • Keeps the last 32 temperature readings in memory.
  • Displays in °C or °F.
  • Auto shut-off for extended battery life.
  • Longevity: 40,000 readings.
  • 18 months limited warranty.
  • 2 alkaline AA batteries included.

* More precise than an ear thermometer because it removes risks associated with not aiming the device properly through the ear canal. Just aim and press the button for instant professional accuracy.


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