• TrustCare® Let’sFly - White (With Bag & Backrest)
  • TrustCare® Let’sFly - White (With Bag & Backrest)

TrustCare® Let’sFly - White (With Bag & Backrest)

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Let's Fly White rollator suspension

The rear wheels of Let’s Fly have built-in soft rubber suspension to give a softer ride when you are walking on rough surfaces. TrustCare’s outdoor rollators are the first in the world with this feature.

Let's Fly White rollator hook

The elegant bag is easy to place on two catches under the seat. The bag is easily folded when the rollator is folded.

Let's Fly White rollator frame

The frame of Let’s Fly is molded in aluminum in an elegant modern design without welds or joints, giving it a unique form and strength.

Let's Fly White rollator seat

The seat on Let’s Fly is made of black artificial leather with a beautiful white seam. It is soft and comfortable to sit on, yet water resistant and durable. The hole in the middle is used when folding.

Let's Fly White rollator hight adjustment

The handle height can be adjusted from 78,5 to 92 cm with a simple snap lock, which fixes the handle in the desired position.

Let's Fly White rollator folding

The rollator is kept unfolded by a lock under the seat. To fold the rollator, lift the seat from the hole in the middle. The lock is then released and the rollator folds up. To unfold the rollator, press the seat down.

Let's Fly White rollator handle

The ergonomically designed rubber handles on the Let’s Go Out give a firm and comfortable grip. The raised front part of the handle is designed to give a more agreeable thumb grip. The brake lever is under the handle, and has an adjustment screw for adjusting the brake wire.

Let's Fly White rollator folded


When the rollator is folded it is only 20 cm wide, it stands by itself and is easy to take with you. The bag is also easily folded together with the rollator.


Let's Fly White rollator tray


A tray is available for Let’s Fly which can be placed on the seat. It is easy to put in place and has support edges to stop it from falling off.

Let's Fly White rollator crutch holder

Crutch holder.

The elegant crutch holder consists of two parts, an upper and lower part, and is used to take along a crutch or a walking stick with the rollator. Simple snap mount.

Let's Fly White rollator backrest

Backrest band.

The backrest band is fixed to the handles and gives extra support and a greater feeling of safety when sitting on the rollator. Color is brown to match the seat.

Let's Fly White rollator bag


The bag is made of black canvas with a brown artificial leather lid to match the seat. The bag has a zipper and is easily taken off and used as a shopping bag.


Facts and technical data.

Measurements and weight.

Handle height from 78,5 to 92 cm
Distance between handles 38,5 cm
Length 65,5 cm
Width 57 cm
Weight 6.8 kg

Tested and approved.

Let’s Fly is tested according to ISO 11199-2:2005 and approved for a user weight of up to 130 kg, and is CE marked.


Let’s Fly has a one year guarantee


Let’s Fly is delivered assembled in cardboard and ready to use. User manual included.



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