TrustCare® Let’sShop Outdoor Rollator - Grey (With Backrest & Bags)

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Let's Shop makes your life easier.

Let's Shop makes it easier for you to transport your things, where ever you go - quick, easy and safe. This lightweight aluminum rollator is equipped with a large shopping bag that helps you transport all types of things and personal belongings.

Large storage capacity.

The bag has large storage capacity and many smart functions- like a removable inner bag that makes it easier to unload the bag, mesh pockets on the side of the bag and a bag lid that you can sit on to rest your legs! The bag also has a small compartment on the front for smaller things. Let's Shop is the perfect aid for carrying things home from your favorite store and will make your life easier.

Built-in seat in the lid of the bag.

Let's Shop has an ergonomically designed seat / bag lid that is perfect when you need to take a break during your walk or shopping trip. The seat is integrated in the lid, which means that it is not visible and that the beautiful design of both rollator and bag is preserved. The seat can handle up to 130 kg.

Ergonomic design.

Let's Shop has ergonomically designed rubber handles that are easy to adjust between 76 cm and 95 cm to fit your height. The rollator is also foldable and can stand by itself when folded. This makes it easier to store it or take it with you when traveling. Let's Shop comes in two different colors, Graphite Gray and Black. Different accessories are available, like backrest bands, travel bags, and lamps.

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